Course Description: Find out how to build and derive insights from data science and machine learning models. Explore key concepts in data acquisition, preparation, exploration, and visualization, and take a look at how to build a cloud data science solution using Azure Machine Learning, R, and Python.

Course Description: Find out how to prepare data for pivot tables, create Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) for calculated columns and measures, build a model from a single flat table, and much more. Explore the cloud benefits of Power BI and how it works with Excel, and take a closer look at Power Pivot and at new query tools (previously known as Power Query). Plus, hear about what Excel brings to the mobile platform. In this on-demand course, get what you need to make informed business decisions, with connected pivot tables and pivot charts and the power of Excel.

Course Description: Learn what Entity Framework ("EF") 6 is and how it can simplify your work. Investigate how it can create databases for you, and find out how to manage that creation. Then dig into advanced topics, like managing transactions and integrating stored procedures. If you're using data (and you are!) check out this course.

 Course Description: In this course, students will learn how to work with file-based data such as JSON and XML.

Course Description: How do you become a data scientist? Start with an introductory look at the field of data science, including an overview of data organization, data visualization, and data analysis. Explore the basic tools and how they’re used. Learn what it takes to become a data scientist, and see a demonstration on how Excel supports the art of data analytics.

Database Fundamentals

MOAC for Database Fundamentals provides the hands-on experience to increase your computer science skills. These teacher resources cover all product areas required to pass Microsoft Technical Associate exam 98-364.

Course level: Intermediate

Exam: MTA 98-364 Database Fundamentals

Credit toward certification: MTA