Acerfi is invested in improving data science awareness and skills. We offer curriculum to expose students to the field of data science, beginning with building basic skills in data analysis using Excel and database fundamentals, then moving on to more intermediate and advanced concepts and applied skills such as working with non-relational data, data visualization, and finally exploring data science and machine learning. This learning path is a great runway for students wishing to go on to pursue more advanced levels of study and professional certification.

Database Fundamentals

MOAC for Database Fundamentals provides the hands-on experience to increase your computer science skills. These teacher resources cover all product areas required to pass Microsoft Technical Associate exam 98-364.

Course level: Intermediate

Exam: MTA 98-364 Database Fundamentals

Credit toward certification: MTA

Fondements de base de données
Ce cours fournit l'expérience pratique nécessaire pour améliorer vos compétences en informatique. Ces ressources pédagogiques couvrent tous les domaines de produits nécessaires à la réussite de l’examen 98-364 de Microsoft Technical Associate.
Niveau du cours: Intermédiaire
Examen: Principes de base de base de données MTA 98-364
Crédit pour certification: MTA